sugar, the universe, and me

This blog is just turning into me complaining about my love affair with the white stuff. I realized the other day that the only way in Hell I’m can actually really limit it is if there is some competition involved. If I’m not going to win anything, it’s not worth the suffering. And winning a pat on the back doesn’t count. I’m talking real glory. And money.

So a couple weeks ago, amidst my attempt to go without sugar I had a complete meltdown and ate almost a full 12 oz bag of M&Ms. Yup. I did it. I ate the Easter candy. I just kept having a little here and there and then the bag was almost gone. I felt so sick.

Later that night I threw up.

A week later, the night before Easter, I had about 5 or so small Reese’s cups. The next day I got the stomach bug and was violently voiding solids every which way for hours.

I thought, “the Universe is telling me something.”

It took a few days before I really got my appetite back. Even though I didn’t have an appetite for meat or veggies, somewhere my brain was thinking “is there any chocolate in the house?”


In college once I ate so many honey wheat flavored pretzels that I was nauseous and full for what felt like a good 24 hours. I didn’t puke, but to this day I still have NO DESIRE to eat honey wheat pretzels. WHY, HOW could I possibly still manage to eat M&M’s if you put some in front of my face right now?

Sugar beats the Universe.

I read an article today by Mark Sisson about how much sugar is too much on a daily basis.

The gist is that a lot of countries (US excluded of course) are starting to set upper limits on daily sugar in take. Various countries list in grams of sugar, or percentage of daily calories. In general they suggest that maybe 10% of your total calories come from added sugars. Since I’ve gone “paleo” I haven’t really officially tracked my diet because most of the time (not the stuff I blab about here) I’m pretty good.

Here is my day:

Breakfast - Coffee with whole milk. 2 eggs over easy. 2 pieces of bacon. blueberries. (sugar in the bacon but so minimal doesn't even quantify in a serving)

Lunch - garden salad with grilled chicken. homemade dressing. whole milk plain yogurt with berries. Iced coffee w/cream and 1 sugar (dunkin donuts - we’ll call this 2 teaspoons or 8 grams)

snack - 2 handfuls trailmix, chocolate included. sugar, unsure, maybe another 8g?

Dinner - steak tip (small - marinade unknown but likely has sugar), mashed potatoes, asparagus.

Snack - here is the killer A LOT of graham crackers**… probably 32 grams of sugar.

Water for the day roughly 50 oz.

**I bought these for my son along with marshmallows when he was recovering from his stomach bug and wanted “marshmallows and meatballs”. Weird combo.

Anywho. I guess if we look at the math, 10% of 2000 calories (assuming that is my daily intake - probably more than that) is 200 calories. That is roughly 50 grams of sugar. So EVEN WITH my ginormous graham cracker binge/moment of weakness ** I’m probably still close to that for added sugars for the day.

The average American consumes 126 grams per day.

Maybe I’m beating myself up.

But I still shouldn’t binge on crappy food. - I literally just threw away the rest of the crackers and marshmallows after I did this math. I don’t ever do that because I would rather damage my own waistline and body than waste “food”. But sometimes you just gotta do stuff like that. Or just don't buy it at all! Even if your cute little sick 3 year old begs you :(