Why I Love Pre-Made Paleo

I keep thinking about how to write this post without sounding like the sham wow guy

BUT, it’s kind of impossible... It’s AMAZING :)

Last fall my good friend Jesse Dimick asked me if I wanted to take part in this thing called “pre-made paleo”. One quick look at the website and I knew it was something worth getting involved in. I think if I knew how to really cook, I would either open up a paleo restaurant, or do something like this. I decided to hold off on becoming a local host what with the holidays abuzz. But, with all of the new year’s eating challenges starting this month, it was a great time to get started.

So here I am. I am like the Boston area Avon lady for paleo food. I can come to your house, cook up some amazing food for you and your friends, then try and get you to buy some. And of course, the party host will get some extra goodies. Or you can just take my word for it and order some online. You won’t be disappointed.

This paleo food is prepared by Chef Richard Bradford, a chef trained at the Culinary Institute of America in NY. It’s frozen in BPA free packaging then shipped all over the country to local hosts who deliver it to the customers. By shipping bulk packaging to a few places, the company and consumer saves loads on S&H costs. The food is all grass-fed, finished, organic, anti-biotic free, etc, etc. So it stands up to the test of even the strictest of paleo dieters. Since it is already frozen when it arrives, it stays that way for a while in your freezer too. Or, thawed meals can keep a week in the fridge.

So who is this stuff good for? In a word: everyone. But let’s consider a few examples.

The Paleo Newbie

Not really sure what is “good” and “bad”? Pre-Made Paleo will keep you on track because it’s guaranteed clean. Even better, Pre-Made Paleo will keep you from getting frustrated at the amount of cooking you actually have to do on this diet and save you from those “f-it I’m ordering a pizza” moments!


The Singles Crowd

Cooking in bulk can be awesome. Leftovers for days saves lots of time. But, let’s face it beef stews and chilis can get old pretty quick if you’re eating them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pre-Made Paleo adds variety in one person sized portions. They are also great to bring to work and easy to heat up in the microwave at your office.


The Busy Moms and Dads

You work hard all week to make sure clothes are clean, dogs are walked, kids are well, alive. You prepped your food on Sunday for the week and it’s great. But the weekend rolls around and it’s jam packed with sports, shopping, and school projects. You miss out on your only time slot available for grocery shopping due to overbooking the family activities and it’s all you can do to grab a rotisserie chicken for dinner and roast whatever root veggies still look edible in your fridge. Maybe you’ll let the kids suck it up and have a school lunch on Monday, but not you. You have a back-up plan. Tarragon chicken with cauliflower and tomatoes is in your freezer ready to go for your lunch (even breakfast!) and it will buy you some more time to get to the grocery store to stock up on some fresh paleo goodness.

When life gets crazy Pre-Made Paleo saves your ass. :)


The Paleo Regulars Who Just Don’t Feel Like Cooking

Sometimes you just need a break. Or some new ideas. I have had some amazing food over the last month and it has woken up my tastebuds many a time.


So, if this sounds good to you stop reading and order some good doof. If you are in the Boston area look for me as your local host. I suggest typing in a Boston zip code to find me (try 02122). I can easily arrange delivery to the following cities and towns:


If you are unsure about your location, then just contact me and I’ll let you know if it’s doable! I will do my best to reach anyone within a reasonable distance. If you are really out of the way just meet me halfway. We can work it out!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!